In honour of the King of the Jews.

Howdy folks and a very happy Easter to you all… unless you don’t particularly care for the concept of Easter, in which case; Happy Sunday!

Cat's Dreidel

Thanks for stopping by.


Love in the time of Pot Noodle.

Morning all- hope all is good in your respective ‘hoods. I couldn’t be better thanks for asking.

Brain wasn't waiting to be let out and soon someone would pay.



Good morning starshine- the Earth says; “hello”.

Hey peeps, check this out ‘cos it is well wicked, innit?  

Steve and Bill were stumped, but Oliver had a couple of leads.



It’s the ‘I didn’t do it’ boy.

Howdy folks,

"I didn't do it."

I really do need some better patterns in the old deleter but I had to go with what I had hence the leopard print wall- it was that or hand drawing wallpaper patterns and let’s be honest life is just too short.



Running away with the Circus.

Good to see you again. 

Mouse Co. State Circus.



Time for new pens!

As today’s cartton illustrates; loads of my pens are drying up. It’s getting to the point where I wish I had a decent copy of photoshop… or better yet sponsorship from Letraset!


 For those of you who are thinking I should have re-drawn and re-coloured this rather than post an imperfect cartoon may I remind you of the fact that I am very, very, lazy.

Anyhoo- Thanks for stopping by.



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