More of those darn cats

Okay I know I said I’d add more over the next few days but it was do this or do some real work so it’s kind of a no brainer! Hope you like them.

Gary had delusions of grandeur

Gerald was afflicted with a face like a cat's arse

 The logo on Gerald’s t-shirt is for the highly pretentious ‘King B Comics’ the name I was going to try and market these under when I had dreams of them being the next Far Side. I could have whited it out and saved my embarrassment but I thought, ‘bugger it’, and decided to draw more attention to it by adding this note.

Eric didn't like Sesame Street.

Simon toasted the bride and groom

Damien Hirst's cat.

 Also since you are here why not mosey on over and check out my mate Tom’s work. He’s very good, and he knows how to do a decent layout on this blog thing… I have so much to learn.

Keep on keeping on.



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  1. Cool stuff!

    • Cheers buddy, glad you like them.

  2. That little eric the tiger eating big bird? Eric was well cool!!

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