I meant the last Catatonic post of the day (damn this thing is addictive)

Okay so I know I said I’d done with posting for today but I just keep looking at the real work I have to do and thinking- ‘Nope, can’t be bothered.’ So as a distraction for us all here are some pics that have nothing to do with cats. All say ‘Yay!’

This was for an opening night card for 'As You Like It' at the Leicester Curve

Another opening night card, this time 'Yasser' at the Arcola

I asked the question; 'if you were to be made into a 'Creature Comforts' character what would you be?' We decided Hollie would be a meerkat- so here she is in all her glory. (Yes; it's a meerkat. No; it's not a kangaroo.) Me as a chameleon still to come.

Self portrait doodled on the pad next to my computer

Enough already, I am weak and need time to replenish. Go then but I know you’ll be back.

Thanks for stopping by.


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