Art for art’s sake.

Hello again, woke up this morning feeling fine- okay, it was really 2.30pm but I was feeling fine so I figured rather than do the housework and look at that script (that’s now so far on the back-burner it might have actually slipped off) I’d do a bit more drawing. Hope you like the fruit of my labours.

Munch's Cat


Between a Rock and a Hard Plaice


And now for something completely different.

Dr O'Death


My mate Si, did an excellent job of colouring this last one but I can’t find the file; must have been before the Great Trojan Invasion of 2009. I’ll see if he still has a copy and try and get it up in the near future.

Right, now to make the Sunday Roast. Enjoy what remains of your weekends and as always; thanks for stopping by.



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