What’s E.T. short for?

Because he’s got little legs. Boom, back of the net! Right I know you’ve already had one dose of the cat today but I’m feeling especially generous. I also did a bit of counting and realised that up to now I have posted 47 of these fine cat-based comedic gems; some funny, some poignant, some downright, self confessed, genius. But 47! what kind of number is that? Well I won’t stand for it- here’s what I think. I say ‘let’s push it up to the magic 50’. Oh yes. So for your very own delectation may I present Catatonic’s 48-50. Enjoy.

Way's to Skin a Cat #57: The Potato Peeler

The Audition

Lenny was unimpressed with the novelty cat flap.

So there we are the big 50. Thanks to all of you who have dropped in over the past few weeks, it is a real pleasure to entertain you all. Check back soon as we begin the push to 100!

Thanks for stopping by.



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