How do you stop a charging rhino?

Take away his credit card. Ba Dum Tishhh. Thankyou I’ll be here all week, try the turkey escalope… Soooo. Only a few days left ’til christmas and I’m already as giddy as a chipmunk on Red Bull, I tell thee. It’s gonna be ace- stocked up the fridge, the snack cupboard and the wine rack, and all paid for with the wonderful M&S vouchers work gave us as a christmas bonus! whoop whoop. Anyway enough of my inanity lets have a bit of aninanity (see what I did there?) On with the show!
Fur Trade

The terrible day a cat got Gene Simmons' tongue.

Ooh ooh ooh- one last thing for you to try; when you are on a bus with steamed up windows try and get a steamy window art gallery started. I was trapped on a 63 for the best part of an hour yesterday afternoon so started doodling in the condensation, the guy across from me saw it, smiled and then started his own sketch. Before long half the people on the top deck were creating art! Just wish I’d had the sense to get pictures. My favourite is to do a quick sleeve wipe and then make it into a Geiger Alien. Brilliant! Have fun.

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