Evolve or die.

“Wow, that sounds portentous- what has he got planned? Is it anything as exciting as an entirely new range of comics ‘cos quite frankly we are all getting a bit bored of these cats.”

Well, no actually, I was just thinking of changing the background on the site… 

“The background on… Oh… Er…”

So, bored of cats?… Really?

“Nooooo… That was just a joke. A joke. Ah but we got you though didn’t we. Eh? Eh? Ha ha ha.”

Ha ha ha. Yeah you got me.

“Ha ha ha… Er…”

So you won’t mind if I put up a few more cats then?

“Mind? Of course not, no! I’d love it, love it. We’d all love it, wouldn’t we?”

“Yes. Yep. Love it. Yeah. Bring on the cats. Yeah. Love ’em.”

Well, okay then.

Ways to Skin a Cat #55: The Strimmer

You’re not just saying you like them?

“No. You keep doing what you’re doing. It’s brilliant, just brilliant.”

Spanish Mane

“Oh round of applause; Best post ever, you amaze us, you really do- how do you do it?”

Alright, don’t go overboard.

Thanks for stopping by.



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