Bored of snow.

I can’t lie; I am seriously bored of the snow now. Yes it may fill me with childish glee to throw open the curtains and see a winter wonderland but what’s the use if you aren’t going to have a snow day? I know that I am going to have to go to work- I know that the buses are going to be screwed- and I know that I am going to freeze my tits off and ruin a perfectly good pair of shoes when they decide they are going to throw me off the bus three miles from home like they did last time. Arse biscuits! Bring on spring- better yet bring on summer… Woah, hold up. I’m wishing my life away. I’m nearly 30 and I’m wishing my life away. Bugger that for a game of tiddlywinks:

Snowball fight on the common right now!

Ways to Skin a Cat #40: The Water Bomb.

The Cheshire Cat was having a bad day.


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  1. tell me about it

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