There’s nothing better than art and gambling.

Except maybe a box fresh pair of Adidas. Anyhoo- hello kiddies, how are we all doing? Good I hope. Today I’ve got a couple of real gems for you and after the abundance of black and white over the past few posts both in glorious technicolour! I’ve been struck down by an ear infection which has left me deaf in one ear- boo but rather than let it get me down I chose to take it as a sign; never was there a more serendipitous opportunity to take on the master:

Van Gogh's Cat

 No clever little story behind this bad boy- just a good old fashioned christmas cracker of a pun!

Fish and Chips

Well in the words of Porky Pig; ‘D-D-D-Don’t turn me into bacon!’ and ‘Th-th-th-that’s all folks. Thanks for stopping by.



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