Subversion of the highest order.

I won’t lie to you; this isn’t the first appearance of this particular gag but I’ve given it the full colour treatment and I liked the result so just go with it, yeah?

"Lions and Tigers and Beers, oh my."

 And next up…  A lot of people, when they find out I draw a cartoon about cats, always seem to ask the same question: ‘Have you done one about eating pussy?’ Well the simple answer is; ‘Yes. Yes I have.’  Like that comedically super-charged double entendre could get past me- ha ha.

Hannibal wasn't averse to eating pussy every now and again.

Well thar she blows for another post- if you have any other ideas that you’d like to see ‘Catatonic-ed’ let me know and maybe I’ll steal your idea, wait a few months and present it as all my own work!

Anyhoo- Thanks for stopping by.



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