Mutter mutter Bloody Federer grumble grumble

Bloody good match though, and at least Murray can stop being ‘British’ for now and go back to being ‘Scottish’ in tomorrows sports pages. Anyway, since disappointment is the order of the day, I give you Catatonic:


 Oh how we laughed!

"Take me to a V-E-T? How about you kiss my A-S-S?"

Now, I really don’t know what came first for this one: the image or the gag- but even though I have replicated it exactly from my sketch book I have only just realised that the image doesn’t necessarily relate to the joke- I did run with a Stand-Up Comedian Cat multi panel idea a while ago but sequentially it doesn’t even seem to fit into that. I’m a bit baffled as there are a load of great images I could use for that joke so why is this the one I went with? Well, I know I could have redrawn this and presented you with a more polished product befitting of your time and effort in seeking me out but I’d already scanned it in and ultimately I am a bit lazy so what are you gonna do?

Anyhoo- TFSB


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