The end of the roaring 20s.

Well here it is; the last day of my 20s- tomorrow is the big 30. Damn that’s old! Don’t get me wrong, I know I could be worse but you have to understand that this is the oldest I have ever been.  I didn’t make a list of things I should have had done by the time I was this age because I always thought of it as a long ways off, but sitting here now I can’t think what I would have put on such a list anyway… Star in a Porno? Bungee Jump? None of these things have an expiry date and as long as I’m still breathing I still have a chance.

No, what I’m worried about now is that I have to grow up. That I have to start thinking of homes and gardens and kids and pets and pensions and funeral plans. All I really want to think about is whether Kick Ass the movie will live up to the comic and if the Adidas x Star Wars AT-AT’s will drop at a reasonable price. I’m not ready to be old, damn it- give me another year or two… or three… or four…

Jody was renowned for her tall tails.

Thanks for stopping by.


Oh P.S. It might be a couple of days late but here it is: Happy New Year! I wish you all a prosperous year of the Tiger! (Expect some kind of weak ass pun based cartoon soon if I can get out of my birthday based depression long enough to draw something.)


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