Double celebration!

Okay folks- I’m 11 hours into being 30 and I’m managing to keep it together. Yes, part of me still wants to hide under the duvet and pretend that today isn’t really happening but I think I might be getting over that. Besides I’ve decided if I feel too old by the end of the day I can always go back to the Greyhounds and get ID’d again, I won’t even kick up a fuss if they do this time.

 Anyhoo enough of the maudlin self centred crap, let’s have a laugh- Here we go.

Vicky and Tina played with their food.


And now, ladies and gentleman, the reason today is a double celebration- It’s only bloody CATATONIC #150!!:

Cat Kin

Pretty cool, huh? But not as cool as this: My birthday present from Jody.

The real Jeff.

Isn’t he great! And remember if you would like a cat named after you; gimme gimme gimme… (I like Cadbury Star Bar’s if you aren’t creatively talented.)

So there we are, and from the bottom of my heart; Thanks for stopping by.


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