No disrespect- but it’s only a bloody medal.

I’ve just got the telly on in the background and all I’m hearing over and over again is that the UK has finally won a Gold medal at the Olympics. Well, yeah, that’s great and ‘good on her’ say I, don’t get me wrong, but the level of adoration that is being directed at her you’d think she’d found a cure for AIDS.
  I just don’t get it- Football stars I can kind of understand, I don’t like it but it makes sense, you know; national sport, a million games a season( and in every paper, everyday we get their love lives rammed down our throats. So you can see how people might start to care about football players. But our Olympic champions are always in really obscure sports that we would never normally give a crap about- remember Chris Hoy in the cycling and before that Steve Redgrave in rowing, or Torville and Dean and bloody ice dancing? This time it’s ‘Psycho Sledding’ or the ‘Skeleton Bob’ (which sounds like a kick-ass halloween band frontman not a sport). Now I know there is a huge level of techical skill required to get a baking tin down that icy run as quickly as possible but, come on, it’s hardly a battle against the Titans that requires, or indeed is enhanced, by multiple slow motion replays and dramatic orchestral scoring. Still I suppose as a nation with so little to celebrate we’ve got to grasp what scant morsels we can. So here’s to Amy Williams; Olympic Gold Medallist, Sports Personality of the Year, The Face of Alpen Breakfast Cereals  and  Dame of Cawdor who will be King hereafter.
Anyhoo here’s your cat: 

At first the birds thought Claude was a friend.

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  1. This one made me laugh. Nice work!

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