Queen Victoria in a human pyramid with James Joyce and The Milky Bar Kid.

Just to point out- the titles I give these posts, or indeed the contents of these little pre-comic rambles, do not necessarily relate to the cartoons. Sorry for any confusion. I can appreciate that if I go on for five minutes about retro films and then deliver a comic without a caption you may spend a goodly amount of time looking for a film connection; this is an error on my part and not yours. Forgive me.

I do, however, feel I owe you a retro film related Catatonic now:


On a very separate note can I just take a moment to say farewell to Kreepy Kat the always brilliant web comic by Alan Kerr. Alas the little Kitty goes disturbing no more. Thanks for the laughs Alan, good luck for the future.

Thanks for stopping by, it really does mean a lot to me.


P.S. I also reinserted the caption to the previous comic. Have another look; it makes me smile.


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