Give me a home where the buffalo foam.

That’s right my little chickadees- it’s another rabies related gag, and why not? If Garfield can entertain us for 30 years on nothing but fat jokes I feel I’m entitled to knock out a few of these. Absolutely no disrespect to Jim Davis or Garfield there- I’m a big fan, seriously if I dream of emulating anyone’s success there’s the model right there. But I get ahead of myself let’s just keep at it and see where we are in 2040… Wow that’s a long time… bloody hell, I mean; God, well done Jim!

The Rabies Sufferers' Annual Foam Party was a great success.

As they say; ‘All great journeys start with a single step’- 2040 here we come.



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  1. this is genius 🙂

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