Teach yourself to teach yourself to teach yourself to be a teacher.

Good morrow my dedicated followers of feline,

So Sunday is once more upon us, oh frabjous day!  “Why such excitement, Ben?” I imagine you to be asking in curious yet amused tone. Well, I shall tell you;  for me the day marks the start of a two week holiday. That’s right, you read correctly; fourteen glorious days of lazing about drinking tea and eating Eccles cakes. Bliss.

Stuart was transfixed watching the goldfish bowl.

And as I’m in such a great mood here’s something else for ya: my BRAND NEW comic strip with the working title ‘TV is Evil’.

Believe me this is tame compared to some of the sketches I’ve done. I think we are going to have alot of fun with the Evil TV. Once he has a permanent home I’ll put up a link.



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  1. MY TV IS EVIL can be found at http://www.mytvisevil.wordpress.com or hit the link in the blog roll!

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