Catatonic #250!!

Good morning and welcome back for this most joyous of occassions; Catatonic #250! Time, I feel for a little self back-slapping, after all I never thought I would be so disciplined as to make it this far. A big thank you to all of you who have found me and stuck with me, for your support and encouragement, and for your excellent ideas that it has been my pleasure to steal. Anyhoo- without further ado, Catatonic #250:

Ways to Skin a Cat #97: The Carpet Burn.

And if you thought that one was good you can now click here for a page devoted purely to the skinning of cats! Once you’ve given them a perusal why not head over and have a look at my other webcomic My TV is Evil?

Well that’s me for now, join me again soon as we push for the 300, and as always; ‘Thanks For Stopping By.’


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  1. I vote number 300 is a homo erotic Frank miller homage drawn mostly in slow motion and with dubious historical accuracy. That or a knob joke. X

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