Happy Halloween!

And why not? So it’s an American holiday that’s infiltration into the British consciousness can be pretty much directly traced back to the release of E.T. in 1982, (you remember with the trick or treat sequence), it means it has been with us here in the UK for the best part of 30 years. 30 years people! And still many refuse to enter into the spirit of things saying it’s not a real festival, that it’s just another manufactured event designed to make big wigs and fat cats in the greetings card business even more money and that it promotes the dark arts. Well I say; ‘F*%$ off Mad-eye Moody’ get a bloody sheet over your head and join in the party. Stick a carved pumpkin on your front step, get a big ass bag of ‘Celebrations’ in and have a bit of bloody fun for once in your miserable lives… Unless you live in London, in which case turn the TV up, unplug the doorbell and hope the little bastards stick their fireworks through next doors letterbox.

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  1. *%£ING LOVE IT… LUUUUUUVVVEE IT!!!!!! Hahaha… I’m so glad it’s all about me too!!!!

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