Captain Bellinger’s Secret and other stories.

Good morning,

Or at least it should be, however there is a bloke randomly scraping the concrete outside the flat with a spade, and he’s been at it since 8.30am! It’s not as if there is all that much concrete out there, how is it taking him an hour?! Looking out of the window his bottom half is obscured by next doors fence so I can’t even see exactly what it is he is doing or what he hopes to achieve, all I know is that he is driving me crazy!

But wait I think he may have stopped… yes he’s walking across to the next block and… Oh it was leaves! He’s scraping up leaves. You see that’s the problem with the autumn, all summer the trees have been showing off with their lovely green leaves giving it all that; ‘Ooh look at me, I’m a beautiful tree!’ and then first sign of a bit of cold weather and they’re all too quick to change their tune. It only goes to show:

Pride comes before a fall.

2 blinding jokes for the price of one, it’s gonna be a good day after all.

As always; thanks for stopping by.


P.S. The bloke with the spade is real and he has just started on the other side of the street! Waaaaaaaaaaaah!


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