So the nice trainers say goodbye for the winter.

Mornin’ all,

Well the snow finally hit old London town, which means it’s going to be boring trainers from here on out. That’s right the White pigeons, the Skippy’s, the ZX 8000’s, banished once more to the prison of their shoe boxes- oh when will we see your magnificence again? This truly is a sad day for me, no more suede, no more mesh, what is a boy to do?… Still with 52 pairs to choose from I’m sure I’ll find something.

Anyhoo enough about that, what about this- this whole Catatonic thing? Are you fit to explode? Of course you are after all this is the last post before our birthday!!! Awesome!!

Drag Act

See you on Thursday for Cake and Jelly and Ice Cream*                                                                                (*Bring your own)



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  1. How have I managed without you these past 20 years or so! Thanks for your comments – don’t forget to check your oven for lighters either. It could happen to anyone. Possibly.

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