Opening a fresh vein.

Howdy folks, and depending on when you are reading this: good morning, good evening or  good night.

I know this will seem like a common refrain to those of you that visit my blog regularly but I do worry constantly about writer’s block (if indeed that is what cartoonist’s get) and fear the inevitable day that must come where I just cannot think of another pun to draw. I do not delude myself that I will be able continue indefinitely with this blog but I’m having so much fun drawing these cartoons that I really do not want to acknowledge that the day will come when the fun must stop. With this in mind  I am pleased to inform you all that today has been a great day for Catatonic. In a happy hour of searching Cat related entries on Wikipedia I have  opened up a rich new seam of comic potential. 

Can it be that in 300 cartoons I have done no puns on the huge variety of cat breeds out there? What an oversight! That’s right; in just a few short minutes of internetting (probably not a real word) I have generated enough new ideas to get us through ’til Easter. Oh frabjous day!

Allow me to unveil Cat Breeds of the World #1

Cat Breeds of the World #1: Cornish Rex

Now ain’t that a humdinger!  And I’ve got some beauties lined up but I’ll try and avoid my usual trait of battering an idea into the ground in the shortest time possible and spread these bad boys out over the next few months. 

Thanks for stopping by.



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  1. You are a very funny beamish boy,Ben! And your discovery is brillig. Have much fun and thanks for your comments re. Teo – obviously I think he’s talented too!

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