Yes I know the scale is wrong.

Mornin’ all,

Sometimes jokes come fully formed and just fall onto the page, my hand seeming to pull the pencil across the paper with little assistance from my brain. Other times a cartoon will be a stubborn little arse biscuit that I have to draw and redraw until I’m happy with it. Then there are the gags that scream to be drawn but that offer no suggestion as to how I can go about it- perfect little captions that sing their humour but remain merely words hovering impotently in the mind, taunting me as a struggle to work them into life. Today is one of those days.

Now Bella would never know if it was cheddar or pecorino.

Let’s for the sake of argument suppose that Bella is a very small kitten and that is a very big mousetrap- more of a rat trap, say. Does that work? Can we do that? Balls to it. It’ll have to do.

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  1. I once asked Matt Martin to make me a mousetrap out of a door. So this seems ok to me if one is willing to use a little imagination

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