If Carslberg wrote puns…

Good day, my friends.

Please bear with me a moment as I get the shameless self promotion out of the way… One of my other comics ‘My TV is Evil’ has been featured on the site drunkduck.com and even has a review on their ‘Quackcast’. The interest that this has generated has already pushed me into the top 10 comic strips on the site, and into the top 30 comics of any style! Yay me! Anyhoo this isn’t a blog about TV’s this is all about the cute little puddy cats so without further ado may I present Catatonic #320.

Egrets; I've had a few.

“And that,” said Mr. Punch with a satisfied grin, “is very much how you do it!”

Thanks for stopping by.



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  1. Go Ben! Really groanworthy!!!

  2. Brilliant news!! Well done you!
    Your cartoons always make me smile, but I was still chuckling out loud 5 mins later with this one, and may well be for rest of day!

  3. Excellent news Ben! We look at your cartoons regularly and Mateo loves them. Might not introduce ‘My TV’ to him just yet….. though no doubt he’d love that too!

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