Cat the Ripper rides again.

Good morrow peeps,

That is all.

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Can someone confirm it’s still Thursday somewhere?

‘Sup y’all!

Better late than never.

Lion Bar.

Why the big paws?

Howdy y’all. Did you miss me? Well fear not for I, like Studio Ghibli’s eponymous feline, have returned (now with added geek references!)

So why did I go, where have I been and what has happened? In all honesty who cares? Suffice to say I’ve picked my pens back up and let’s take it from there… Actually let’s take it from here:

Maurice was relieved that the guillotine had only slightly intrigued him.

Hah- take note Williams sisters; when I take a long break I can still come back and deliver the goods.

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Lucky Strike.

Howdy fellas and felletes…

Er actually that sounds a bit rude, let’s say fellas and ladies, eh?

So you want more feline funnies, do ya? You’re an insatiable bunch aren’t you? Lucky i’m a generous bloke. I’m too good to you I really am.

Alley Cat.


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Ice, Ice Baby!

Welcome back,

Now how’s that for a bitch of an ear worm? I know you are already hating me for that one but just think of the loathing you will feel when Vanilla Ice is still running through your head at 4am tomorrow morning. No need to thank me.

So I guess we have time for a bit of shameless self promotion before hitting you with today’s comedic gem- I have a guest comic up at Milton’s Life which is well worth seeing if I do say so myself.

Ways to Skin a Cat #72: The freeze and smash.

Don’t you just love it?

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Dance magic dance…

‘Sup y’all,

Another day another comic, and another title designed specifically to get David Bowie stuck in your head. So, who wants another awful pun comic? You do? Awesome.

Club Foot



It’s as plain as your nose ring.

Bonjour, bonjour, bonjour.

Hope you are feeling the sap rising through your bones as Spring kicks into gear. I know I am- a day without need for jacket or scarf?! It’s enough to put a smile on the face of any man. And speaking of smiles on faces I’ve just been told that I am uncool for using the emoticon 🙂 I should be using 😀 who knew? I was, however, introduced to a great emoticon called Clyde (though I think it looks like Derren Brown in a bowler hat) 


I can think of no practical application for it but it’s nice none the less.

Anyhoo here’s the latest comic for you all-

The Punk Panther


I know I hinted that I was working on something great on Tuesday, and while it would please me to think that you assumed it was this comic, I’m afraid I’m going to  make you wait a bit longer for the real thing.

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Working a new angle.

‘Sup y’all,

Today I thought I’d go with a classically awful pun- well, I know my audience!


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Full of Eastern promise.

Mornin’, I hope the day finds you well.

Fu Manx Chu



If Carslberg wrote puns…

Good day, my friends.

Please bear with me a moment as I get the shameless self promotion out of the way… One of my other comics ‘My TV is Evil’ has been featured on the site and even has a review on their ‘Quackcast’. The interest that this has generated has already pushed me into the top 10 comic strips on the site, and into the top 30 comics of any style! Yay me! Anyhoo this isn’t a blog about TV’s this is all about the cute little puddy cats so without further ado may I present Catatonic #320.

Egrets; I've had a few.

“And that,” said Mr. Punch with a satisfied grin, “is very much how you do it!”

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