A brush with humour.

Morning follicles!

I reckon it’s about time for another dangerously strained pun.


 Catatonic- comics of caliber. See you next time for more barrel scraping hilarity!

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When I was a little boy I had a ragdoll… I got beaten up a lot.


Not much to say about this one other than I think I might have under sold the idea- it’s always a fine line between guiding the pun and hammering it into your audience’s face and I’m not sure I’ve quite hit the mark with this one. Ah well, let’s chalk it up as a lesson learned.

Cat Breeds of the World: The Ragdoll

 Hmm. Yeah, I think I’ll redraw this when I have a bit more time.

Sorry it was a bit of a wasted trip but thanks for stopping by.


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It’s all about the passion.


So nice of you to visit, how have you been? Let me take your coat, please have a seat can I get you anything? Tea? Coffee? Suffocated kumquat wrap? It’s funny that you decided to pop in now as I’ve just pulled this beast out of the oven- Check it.

Ways to Skin a Cat: #80 Flaying

 Oh I am sorry I didn’t realise you were of such a sensitive disposition, I really should have given you warning. My apologies. What’s that? You really must be going? I hope it wasn’t anything I did? Well if you are sure…

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Cat the Ripper rides again.

Good morrow peeps,

That is all.

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It’s the bee’s knees.


Well it’s early and I’m up so how better to spend this little bit of extra time in my day than by hitting you all with a fresh slice of cat based shenanigans? And I swear it is fresh; I drew it yesterday so  have no idea why I signed it ” ’10 ‘”… I did have quite a full on Sunday watching Pulp et al in Hyde Park so my head was a bit radged from jumping about in the sun, yeah that’ll do; I’m gonna blame it on the boogie.

Cat's Pyjama Party

 So there you go.



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Can someone confirm it’s still Thursday somewhere?

‘Sup y’all!

Better late than never.

Lion Bar.

Why the big paws?

Howdy y’all. Did you miss me? Well fear not for I, like Studio Ghibli’s eponymous feline, have returned (now with added geek references!)

So why did I go, where have I been and what has happened? In all honesty who cares? Suffice to say I’ve picked my pens back up and let’s take it from there… Actually let’s take it from here:

Maurice was relieved that the guillotine had only slightly intrigued him.

Hah- take note Williams sisters; when I take a long break I can still come back and deliver the goods.

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You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

Hey hey,

I’m posting early- I’m too excited to go to sleep, like a kid at christmas. I’m seeing Tim Minchin at the Albert Hall tomorrow!!!!!!! If you don’t know him do a youtube search right this minute… well maybe look at the comic first.

Atomic Kitten

Now go search youtube for Tim Minchin!



‘Cos it’a thousand times more deserving of tribute than ‘Midsomer Murders.’

Morning all,

I cannot lie; thanks to catching a slew of repeats on ITV15 +1 I have come to realise I actually really like Cadfael. In honour of Sir Derek of Jacobi’s God-bothering Gumshoe I present this tribute:


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In honour of the King of the Jews.

Howdy folks and a very happy Easter to you all… unless you don’t particularly care for the concept of Easter, in which case; Happy Sunday!

Cat's Dreidel

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